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Who We Are & What We Do 

The Indie Flea GR is a local makers market and flea that is hosted the first Saturday of each month at the Historic Wealthy Theatre & their Community Media Center in Grand Rapids from 10am until 4pm. Our season runs October through May. We are all local, small and Michigan made, sharing our creative goods, art and services through our passion businesses. We are more than just our products, we each have a purpose & a positive change we are making locally, socially, environmentally or socio-economically through our businesses. You can read more about our passions at our booths, each revealing our purpose. These events are fun and up-lifting. They are inspired by bringing the community together and sparking collaboration! We are eco-friendly and are very restrictive on our single-serving plastic usage policy. We are changing the future together with our consciously emerging businesses today. 

There is so much unbelievable, sometimes hidden, talent that creates the beautiful and unique culture that is Grand Rapids and you can experience the feeling of that community at the Indie Flea GR. Shop Local. Shop Indie. Shop Conscious.

Our Indie Flea GR logo has one monocle in a heart shape. It represents seeing kindness and intention in all aspects of your life. 

The Indie Flea GR is brought to you by Amanda Perry and April Moayyer, Owners/Coordinators, and hosted in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was created and designed to be an opportunity and service for local Responsible and Accountable entrepreneurial businesses and community services. In this way we tackle social and socio-economic issues. We create new opportunities for positive change through collaboration, educational resources, comradery and monthly community Indie Flea GR events that provide sales growth for local businesses. 

Unfortunately, we’re not able to hold any events this season (2021-2022).

Please check back next year! 

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Our Mission:

*Live & grow genuinely

*Integrate Earth as a business stakeholder & partner

*Unify & uplift local business & community

*Operate through intention & purpose